Appointment Setting

Decision Maker Access

The key to a high volume of sales is a steady flow of new prospects. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with a telemarketing program designed to set qualified sales appointments. ADI Marketing provides a unique service in the telemarketing industry: setting sales appointments with decision-makers and top level executives of major corporations. Several organizations have used this program very successfully for new customer acquisition and existing customer retention.

After trying our services, clients are very enthusiastic in their praise. They testify that they were able to begin selling with more prospect information and higher level contacts than previously. A Chevron Energy Services Sales Representative stated that “all the appointments ADI Marketing has sent me on are now starting to sell and it’s taking up all of my time…” By consistently raising the quality of the sales pipeline for your salespeople, they can produce a higher volume of sales.

During the appointment setting process, our representatives first determine the company’s need for your products and services. We penetrate the prospect organization to identify the decision-makers and influencers as requested at various levels: senior management through end-user, as well as company segments such as: strategic, financial, technical, etc. We contact the top decision-makers, generate interest in your offerings and prepare them for a call or visit from your Account Executive.

Our Expert Representatives:

  • Understand the structure, function, and motivation of corporate organizations
  • Build rapport with “gatekeepers” to gain access to decision-makers
  • Relate on a peer-to-peer level with top executives
  • Support Account Executives’ critical success factors;
    • Qualify business opportunities with pre-determined need and interest
    • Create initial contact with decision-maker to reduce sales cycle
    • Efficiently schedule sales calls to reduce travel time and expenses
  • Utilize state-of-the-art technology to efficiently manage the prospect database and immediately fulfill literature requests via e-mail or fax

Consider This Premier Offering If You Are:

  • Selling a high investment product or service that requires top level commitment
  • Selling into a commodity market
  • Introducing new technology that will require corporate buy-in
  • Building a partnering relationship at many levels within a company
  • Managing limited sales resources to achieve a high level of performance
  • Needing to prioritize business opportunities

Opportunity Qualification

Few, if any, telemarketing organizations, whether in-house or outsourced, can match our efficiency and accuracy in determining the needs and level of interest companies may have for your offerings. We can identify specific needs, and also “trigger events” that will drive an urgency to buy. As requested, the names and titles of multiple players in the buying decision are also provided to your Account Executives. Our clients have found this depth of information helps them to effectively penetrate an organization and shorten the sales cycle.