I am a regional sales director working in a specialized market where it is difficult to attract the attention of decision-makers and difficult to make it past their secretaries. We began working with ADI Marketing about a year ago and it has greatly increased our market penetration, especially in start-up geographical areas. I have been very pleased with the services of ADI Marketing and I would recommend them to any organization (except my competitors) that wants to increase market penetration and the number of customer contacts.”Chevron Energy Solutions
We are a relationship based and ISO 9001 certified company, so our customer’s satisfaction is critical to us. In both surveys this year, ADI Marketing discovered a couple customers that were dissatisfied with some work that we had done and probably would not have done business with us again. Because we found out about these customers in a timely manner, we were able to satisfy them and continue our business relationship. We could not have known this without the survey.”Bassett Mechanical Contractors & Engineers
I consider ADI Marketing an important part of my overall sales process. Their dedication to providing above and beyond service has resulted in our solid partnering relationship. ADI Marketing has a clear understanding of what we do at Chevron Energy Solutions; they speak with knowledge and authority to the various prospects they contact. Their professionalism and overall tenacity have resulted in eight well-qualified appointments over the last year. Each appointment is set with the appropriate decision-maker; these appointments could result in millions of dollars in new business for our company. In many ways I consider the ADI Marketing team my secret sales weapon; they give me more time to focus on positioning and closing sales—focusing on potential clients to meet their needs and solve their problems.”Chevron Energy Solutions
Over the years we have used ADI Marketing we found their services and team to be a valuable resource in creating a feedback forum for our customers. ADI Marketing as a professional, impartial, third party allows us to more quickly get to the heart of the matter. The yearly customer satisfaction surveys they conducted on our behalf let us tap into what our customers are thinking, obtaining feedback on their experience with our company, our people and our services. There is no doubt about it—these customer satisfaction surveys pay dividends all year long. We use the feedback to motivate our team members, to pinpoint “hot spots” that need attention and to ignite new ideas. ADI Marketing’s team isn’t just good they are GREAT!”Way Engineering Service, Ltd.
Keeping our customers happy and satisfied is priority number one with our organization. Over the last five years, ADI Marketing has been a critical part of making this endeavor a reality. We consider the yearly surveys they conduct on our behalf to be a key element in how we gauge the “pulse” of our customers. These surveys put us in the driver’s seat to build on our successes and to proactively address any concerns or challenges that emerge. Certainly, using ADI Marketing’s services give us an impartial assessment of where we stand with each customer. Furthermore, we’ve found the surveys conducted by ADI Marketing surface issues we are able to address, saving customer agreements we might have lost. Such saves have contributed approximately $60,000 to our bottom line. Their professionalism and timeliness make doing business with them a pleasure.”Air Temp Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.
As a growing business we realize that satisfied, repeat customers are the lifeblood of our success. As a result, we are always looking for ways to better serve our customers. One way we make this happen is through the yearly customer satisfaction surveys ADI Marketing conducts on our behalf with our customers. As an independent third-party, ADI Marketing is able to collect “honest” feedback from our customers. The results of the survey help us gauge our customers’ attitudes and concerns as well as realizing where we have exceeded expectations. The end report is clear, concise and gives us action items for improving our relationships with our customers. We thoroughly enjoy working with the ADI Marketing team.”ed Blue Commercial HVAC Services formerly know as Piedmont Air Conditioning of Charlotte