Appointment Setting Pilot Program

Outsourcing Your Cold Calls

ADI Marketing is a premier business-to-business marketing firm that specializes in Lead Qualifying, Seminar Attendance, Appointment Setting, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, and Database Building.

Prospecting Nugget #2: PLAN

To truly achieve, you need to begin your call with the end in mind. You must visualize the outcome you want. As in many endeavors you confront, resistance is a normal occurrence that needs to be overcome. In order to do this, you will need a PLAN.”

Why Outsource Your Pro-Active Marketing Campaign?
  • Increase the time your sales people spend face-to-face with buyers,
  • Make sure no business opportunities are overlooked,
  • Keep your sales funnel full, while working other clients,
  • Reduce the timeframe of your sales cycle,
  • Increase your profits with more selling time, and
  • Eliminate the risks of setting up and managing your own call center.
Benefits of Pro-Active Marketing
  • Qualifies business opportunities with pre-determined need and interest,
  • Provides instant fulfillment of literature request,
  • Develops a database that is accurate and up-to-date,
  • Acts as an effective morale booster for your organization, and
  • Provides appointments or qualified leads with the highest-level decision maker
Our Representatives
  • Build rapport with “gatekeepers” to gain access to decision makers,
  • Relate on a peer-to-peer level with top executives through conversational techniques,
  • Understand the structure, function and motivation of corporate organizations, and
  • Are knowledgeable in backgrounds ranging from the fields of mechanical contracting to high technology

Business Solutions

Appointment Setting

Closing business is what companies want sales people to do. Putting your representative in front of qualified prospects on pre-set appointments increases the time your salespeople spend face-to-face with buyers doing what they do best – selling.

Creating the Program

We work closely with each client to gather the information needed to create a winning pro-active telemarketing campaign. To this end, we ask that clients complete our Client Questionnaire to identify some of the critical success elements of the telemarketing campaign. This process assists in identifying client need, expectations and criteria requirements. Through conversations with your team and training on your specific product or service, we will create a discussion guide that motivates prospect interest and incorporates questioning and sales techniques to meet the listed criteria.

The discussion guideline will be developed and tested before the start of your project. Each representative will be trained on the basic nature of your company’s philosophy and key benefits. Interactive dialog training will be performed before starting your project. To begin this process today, please complete the Client Questionnaire and return by e-mail or fax.

Criteria Requirements

Your criteria requirements will be established prior to the start of the project, and will be enclosed in your services proposal. Baseline standards are directly related to the specifications and criteria you establish for each project. The criteria established will be used to fulfill your needs and identify qualified leads, completes and appointments.

Criteria may include the following:
  • Specific buying stage
  • Answers to pre-determined questions
  • Agreement to a call from your company
  • A specific title within an organization
Length of the Program

The length of your pro-active telemarketing campaign is based on your identified needs. We conduct yearly contracts with a number of our clients producing a predetermined number of completes per month. Alternatively, we have established programs that are based on client need i.e. quantity of leads per sales rep, bi-annual customer satisfaction surveys, etc.

Hours worked per day are directly related to the needs of the project. We identify prime calling times for your market and look for trends related to the success of your program, which is impacted by the specified decision-makers, geographic location, timing (both annually and daily), etc.

Project Management

Each project is assigned an Account Manager who carefully monitors the progress and success of your campaign. Bi-weekly meetings are strongly recommended to discuss your project and project results. Frequency of such meetings is based on the demands of business and project results and can be either more or less frequent. We ask that each client commit to a consistent schedule for project review.