ADI Marketing 6 Step Call Process:

Step 1: Plan & Rehearse

Proper planning prevents pitifully poor performance. We do a 30-second mental rehearsal before we call which allow us to engage the prospect for we sound like someone worth the time to listen too.

Step 2: Approach and Position

We build rapport in our approach by providing who we are and why we are calling and we position ourselves by presenting what is in it for them to listen to us.

Step 3: Question and Qualify

The power of good questions cannot be over emphasize. The better the questions, the faster we will qualify your prospect. We are qualifying everyone we speak with which moves us to the decision make as rapidly as possible, making solid relationships along the way.

Step 4: Benefits and Validate

We share the benefits (not the features) of the product / service. We explain how it can improve their business by saving money, operate more efficiently or do things faster. Give them a reason to keep the conversation going and why they should do business with us.

Step 5: Ask and Overcome

Put the pieces together. Be clear, confident and concise and ask for the appointment. Objections are only requests for more information. When we give the answer to their objections in a confident and concise way it allows us to move the close.

Step 6: Close and Verify

Listen – the prospect will let you know when they are ready. Once we close the appointment we verify all the information to make sure when you get it, it is correct, so you have all the information you need to maximize the sales appointment opportunity provided.