Business Solutions

Appointment Setting

Closing business is what companies want sales people to do. Putting your representative in front of qualified prospects on pre-set appointments, increases the time your salespeople spend face-to-face with buyers doing what they do best — selling.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The most vital aspect of your business is your customer. They are the heartbeat of your business. Customer satisfaction surveys allow businesses to truly hear what their customers have to say. The surveys act as very effective morale boosters based on positive feedback and comments on specific company personnel as well as a resolution tool for customer’s concerns and issues.

Seminar Attendance

Seminar programs are opportunities for organizations to disseminate their product and service message to a wide-ranging target audience. Pro-active marketing can boost attendance resulting in increased sales opportunities.

Market Research

Every business needs good information to make good decisions. Without market research businesses are often flying blind when making important decisions. The information collected through research can help businesses minimize risk, test the marketplace, identify opportunities, discover a service or product gap, or uncover ways to do business better. Businesses that listen to the marketplace build in room to change and adapt, positioning themselves for greater success.

Database Maintenance

Market change is a business constant. As a result outdated sales databases are a fact of life costing organizations time and money. Is your sales team working a database with inaccurate or bad information to generate new sales opportunities? Ensure your salespeople avoid “spinning their wheels” doing market research. Provide them with an accurate, up-to-date database to prioritize your selling efforts to both customers and prospects with the correct contact person, key information, and a well timed approach.

Lead Qualification

Keeping a full sales funnel is key to on-going, consistent sales success. Generate interest and identify organizations that have a need for your service or product. Boost yourself ahead of your competition by reaching your target market and the pivotal decision-maker for your next sale.