Database Maintenance

Decision Maker Access

Database maintenance is part of the development of existing accounts for additional sales opportunities by contacting current and/or past customers to identify any changes in decision-maker or contact information. During this courtesy call future requirements can be uncovered and satisfaction with current products and services can be determined. This is also an excellent time to introduce new products or offerings. Contacting existing customers generates goodwill and reduces your marketing expense by developing a more accurate customer list.

In a project conducted for a major communications equipment supplier an existing database was contacted. The database consisted of approximately 4,000 names ranging in age from 5 years to 6 months, in which first generation products were sold. During this project it was discovered that over 50% of the key contacts were no longer valid.

Another customer was using direct mail to introduce new products and keep existing customers updated on service changes. During the database maintenance project we conducted for this customer, we discovered that most of the current decision-makers on the list had not heard from the company in years. This meant that the existing database was inaccurate and ineffective. Most databases require periodic updating to remain targeted and useful. To update the database, the project involved an investigative process to determine the current decision-makers and the key service personnel responsible for internal support. A significant amount of new potential business was discovered during the process, which resulted in a large increase in sales.

The benefits of building and renewing a current database:

  • You acquire a more accurate database, which results in more effective marketing and customer rapport.
  • Uncover potential business in your own customer base resulting in a shorter buying cycle than it would take to turn a new prospect into a customer
  • Increased customer satisfaction and referrals resulting in new business

Our objective is to help you develop an up-to-date, current database, identifying new opportunities and helping you acquire the information necessary for “first call” — the road to new business.