Course Overview:

One-on-one coaching is the most effective catalyst for positive change. Performance coaching by ADI helps individuals in any organization create and sustain lasting results.

What can an ADI Performance Coach do for your business?

Many people who end up in leadership positions do so by demonstrating expertise in a narrow field. The result is that technical experts often find themselves in a position of authority or having to manage people, without the non-technical (interpersonal) skills to succeed in these new positions. ADI performance coaching helps build and exercise these necessary skills in leaders in your organization, rounding out technical expertise with the soft skills needed for continued success.

Our one-on-one coaching programs bring personal and professional growth to individuals, helping them accelerate their ability to learn, minimize errors in their work, and demonstrate increased efficiency and effectiveness. Coaching brings better performance in a shorter period of time than group training programs or other self-help based programs.

What makes ADI coaching so effective?

ADI performance coaching brings tremendous value to participating organizations. Our clients receive exposure to many facets of leadership and individual development, helping them navigate the minefields of the corporate world.

ADI coaches work on the specific, individual needs of the participant.These needs may be identified by the participant’s supervisor or by the business. We also address issues from the coaching participant’s perspective. In all performance coaching work, our main focus is assisting individuals in positioning, honing and selling their ideas effectively, which translates into increased productivity and performance for the entire business.

An ADI performance coach also facilitates the participating individual’s growth through access to the coach’s valued counsel. The coaching environment yields a safe situation for providing feedback outside of the work environment, allowing the individual to bounce ideas off the coach prior to implementation. As an outside resource, the coach can also sum up the business environment and use this assessment to assist in the development of leadership and organizational planning. Coaching participants also benefit from the coach’s ability to ask questions of the organization and obtain answers the participant may not have access to without the coach’s involvement. Plus, all work done in ADI performance coaching programs is done under strict confidentiality.

Bring powerful and lasting changes to key personnel in your organization. Contact ADI to learn more about the effectiveness of our coaching programs and how we can become partners in your success.