Seminar Attendance

For the attendee, seminars are wonderful opportunities to gain information on your company’s latest products and services. However, people won’t come to your seminars unless they...

ONE Needs the product, service, or training you offer

TWO Know you’re out there offering it

THREE Have a good reason to go to your seminar rather than someone else’s or not at all!

And you need enough people to attend to make it profitable and rewarding.

We can help.

  • If your seminar is in the conceptual stage, we can assist you with planning your telemarketing campaign by creating a program designed to meet your specific needs.
  • If your seminar attendance needs boosting, we can help you reach your market with a telemarketing program that targets precisely your market.
  • If a lot of people express interest in your seminars, although surprisingly few actually attend, you may not be reaching your target audience. In response to any broadcast e-mail or fax, mass mailing or business reply cards, a majority will be literature seekers who have no real interest in attending, nor the authority to do so. The only way to determine which of the leads will result in an attendee is to call and ask.